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Yet a disaster of Management is hanging above your body chargeable for transforming the victory into lasting good results, it's got emerged.

He must make an presenting for the lions at dawn before he will take Victory. The using of the queen needs a human offering!"

From Longman Dictionary of Modern Englishvictoryvic‧to‧ry /ˈvɪktəri/ ●●● W2 noun (plural victories) [countable, uncountable]    WINa problem during which you gain a battle, video game, election, or dispute OPP defeatvictory above/versus  the Raiders’ 35–17 victory about St Louisvictory for  The court’s determination represents a victory for all Girls. → Pyrrhic victoryCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + victorya great/important victoryHe said the courtroom’s conclusion was a fantastic victory.a fairly easy victoryArsenal envisioned an uncomplicated victory.a decisive victoryThe struggle was a decisive victory to the US. a landslide victory (=a earn by a very big total in an election)No-one had anticipated this kind of landslide victory.a crushing victory (=a gain by an extremely significant amount of money)Australia received a crushing 139-run victory around the West Indies.a slender victory (=a win by a small total)A typical election on Oct. 5 made a slim victory for that Men and women’s Progressive Party.an election/electoral victoryThe Democrats have been celebrating their election victory.a navy victoryone of the General’s most renowned armed service victoriesa moral victory (=if you clearly show your beliefs are correct, Even though you reduce the argument)The victims’ families claimed the verdict for a moral victory.verbswin/score a victoryToday We've got gained a vital victory.lead any person to victoryShe led her team to victory inside the finals.clinch victory (=eventually win)Adams scored a last-moment objective to clinch victory.pull off a victory (=acquire when it is hard)Martin pulled off a shock victory within the semi-ultimate.sweep to victory (=earn easily)Nixon swept to victory by 47 million votes to 29 million.victory + NOUNvictory celebrationsThe victory celebrations went on all evening.a victory paradeThey plan to keep a victory parade.a victory lap (=when a successful runner or player runs round the participating in region)He then took a victory lap within the arena.phrasesa string of victories (=a series of victories)The group gained a string of victories.Prevalent ERRORS ► Don’t say ‘get victory’ or ‘get the victory’. Say acquire a victory or acquire victory. THESAURUSvictory noun [countable, uncountable] a problem in which you win a fight, video game, election, or disputeThe crowds celebrated Italy’s victory against England.The celebration gained a cushty victory in the final election.We’re pretty confident of victory.

To be a mark on the commander in chief's Specific favor he was despatched With all the information of this victory into the Austrian courtroom, now now not at Vienna (which was threatened with the French) but at Brunn.

Evidently the whetstone, a rock utilized to sharpen applications, emerged since the prize for this unconventional Competitiveness as a result of its figurative Affiliation with sharpness.

carry the working day To earn out in a very wrestle or Levels of competition, ordinarily amongst some period, for instance a political marketing campaign or legislative tug of war. The phrase have it ‘to earn the fight, bear the palm’ appeared previously than have the day, which also was employed very first Within this far more literal preventing feeling.

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ООО «АдвМьюзик» заключил лицензионные соглашения с крупнейшими российскими правообладателями авторских и смежных прав, а именно: ООО «НЦА», ООО «ЛенГрад», ООО «Креатив Медиа», ООО «Новый мир», ООО «Медиалайн», ООО «Диджитал Прожект» и другими, в рамках которых правообладатели предоставили разрешение на использование музыкального контента способом доведения до всеобщего сведения click here в цифровой форме через Интернет посредством вэб-сайта

bear away the bell For being the winner; to hold from the palm; to be preeminent. The old tailor made of presenting a golden or silver bell to the winner of the race or other contest may be the supply of hear absent the hell.

в нижеприведенной форме. Заполните пожалуйста поле "Жалоба или предложение".

A tricky police sergeant's overbearing mom comes to take a look at him and starts to meddle in his life and occupation.

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With only six months still left of his sentence, inmate Frank Leone is transferred from a bare minimum protection jail to a optimum safety prison by a vindictive warden.

"Victory" is about some inmates inside a WW2 prison camp, that have a enthusiasm for soccer. Captain J. Colby (Caine), a former footballer, will be the leading determine within the camp matches that happen. Sooner or later, He's spotted by soccer-admirer Important Steiner (Max von Sydow) who proposes him the idea of Arranging a match in between allied POWs vs. Germans. Colby agrees, as he believes this tends to be an excellent morale-booster and a chance for superior jail circumstances for those concerned; even so, extra senior inmates are skeptical, as they feel this could certainly be a propaganda stunt for the Germans.

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